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People avoid me

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People avoid me

Postby johny131 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:42 pm

Hi there,
I was dg. as stpd and I'm an average person with average education.

As a schizotypal, i cant well talk with people, i dont share eye contact, conversating like with itchy ***.

As I'm alone, i see others sharing time together, but im not even asked "how its going" for long time.

I ve read that speciality of this disorder is that we cant hold effective conversation and we are depressed of it.at least im.

i wonder what other people without disorder think of me; why they dont initiate conversation.; why am i isolated as if i was some kind of Yeti. i was twice offended that i stop talk that sh.t (they probably mean my delusions).

i want to know what bad people see that drives them to avoid me permanently,

i have some good friends, but they are working,far from me.

thanks for your good remarks
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Re: People avoid me

Postby Always_Question » Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:56 pm

I also have severe difficulty holding conversations irl, and it depresses me as well. I want to be able to relate to others and converse with them. It's like trying to talk to aliens sometimes.

I think people don't talk to us because of the way we hold ourselves. Like you said, we don't make eye contact easily. I think that is one reason people don't talk to us like they do with others.

I have only one person I can talk to, outside of family, that I trust. She is far away as well. I also talk with some people online more openly. Talking online is much easier for me.

I'm sorry I did not reply sooner, I am having a difficult week. Please reply if you have other questions or if you want a longer explanation.

I like talking on these forums.
If my post does not make sense, is too vague, or incoherent, ask for clarification if it would be helpful.

Dx's: Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizotypal PD, Boarderline traits, and Anxiety disorders
Rx: Gabapentin and Clonazepam.
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