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Self Controlling Wine & Chocolate by 2 bluetooth padlocks

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Self Controlling Wine & Chocolate by 2 bluetooth padlocks

Postby Epic Dewfall » Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:54 pm

I've been a schizotypal "shut-in" for several years now.
I have been self controlling my wine and chocolate limits perfectly for about a year now.

I bought two Locksmart Mini bluetooth padlocks from Bestbuy.

I used the free smartphone app to make a padlock owner controlled schedule of two 10 minuet windows of opportunity each day for the wine padlock. One 10 min window of opportunity at midnight. And one 10 min opportunity at 4pm. I have no urge to cheat since one I have the the glass of wine in hand, I know its just a simple matter of waiting for the next time.

For the chocolate bluetooth padlock I made the access schedule twice a week. With one 10 min window of opportunity on Tuesday at 8pm. And One 10 min window of opportunity on Fri at 8pm.

For the owner account password, I made up a 12 character long password with a mix of numbers and letter (uppercase and lowercase letters), So there would be no way I could memorize it no mater how many times I've seen it. When I finished making the schedules logged out of the owner account on the smartphone. And gave someone I know well, 4 printouts of the complex password. So I can ask for it back if I ever need modify the schedule.

From then on I've been using the guest account to open the padlocks. As a guest account I can't change anything. It's was a bit tricky figure out the Locksmart padlocks smartphone app and send my owner made schedules to the guest account. But I got through it.

I was drinking 4 glasses a wine back then. Now I only drink 2 glasses a wine per day. And thanks to the 2 chocolate bars per week schedule, I no longer need to order food delivery just to get a chocolate bar.
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Re: Self Controlling Wine & Chocolate by 2 bluetooth padlock

Postby Always_Question » Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:36 pm

Interesting idea with the bluetooth padlocks. I have used alcohol in the past (up until around 6 months ago), but I have difficulty sticking to a light or moderate drinking pattern, I have episodes where I lose all control and consume more than I planned. I can understand the need for it with such severe anxiety as we with schizotypal PD get, though. That is what I used it for as well. I also take clonazepam and gabapentin, which used to help much more, but both have been losing effectiveness over the years. Alcohol gives me terror the next day(s) and I have significant health anxiety also, making it worse. I certainly feel like I am at the end of options without going into experimental substances or treatments. It's also great to hear you have someone you can trust help keep you safe. That is awesome.
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